2020 private education ashevilleThere is not a better place to raise a family than Asheville, NC. It is one of the coolest cities in the South, and we mean that literally. Due to our elevation that makes Asheville the highest city of its size east of the Mississippi, our average temperatures are lower than other areas down east in the foothills and piedmont. Our area is synonymous with the outdoors and nature. Tall mountains surround the French Broad River Valley. Thousands of miles of hiking and biking trails beckon families to get out and explore the vast vistas and deep forests for which western North Carolina is famous. We have pristine, fast-flowing rivers and creeks perfect for fly fishing and whitewater rafting, with calmer waters for those who would rather float on rafts and tubes. If your family likes to find swimming holes at the base of waterfalls, or slide down natural water slides made of slick rocks, you can find that as well. 

Parents enjoy excellent education options available for their children throughout Buncombe County and western North Carolina. For those who want alternatives to public education, private Christian schools are available. Emmanuel Lutheran School helps students grow spiritually in an academically rigorous environment. 

Advantages to Private Christian Education in the Asheville Area

Here are some key advantages to private education in the Asheville area:

  • Private Christian Education Emphasizes Spiritual Growth: With private Christian education, you do not have to sacrifice spiritual growth for academic rigor.
  • Private Christian Education Provides Students with a Christian Worldview: Private Christian education helps shape the way students see the world around them.
  • Private Christian Education Offers Smaller Class Sizes: Smaller class sizes allow teachers to focus on individual students.
  • Private Christian Education Takes Places in Safer Institutions: Private schools are statistically safer than public institutions.
  • Private Christian Education Can Include STEAM-Based Curriculum: Our Christian parochial school is the only one in western North Carolina that provides STEAM-based education
  • Private Christian Education Includes Excellent Athletics and Fine Arts: While many might assume private institutions are not able to offer a full range of extracurricular activities, many have excellent music, arts, and athletic programs.
  • Private Christian Education Supports Parental Involvement: From preschool through eighth grade, parents are invited to engage in the process every step of the way. Our community becomes your community. 

Emmanuel Lutheran School is proud to provide Asheville families with private Christian education in western North Carolina. If you would like to know more about our school, please contact us