What is advent? The word advent is derived from the Latin word “adventus,” which means, “coming.” For Christians, Advent is a season of preparing and waiting for the coming of Christ There are many ways for families to celebrate this meaningful time of year, and we want to share a few that will allow parents to instill in their children the significance of Christ’s advent.

Kindergarten has been busy using STEAM in everyday teaching.

In October the students read "Walter's Wonderful Web" and discussed how spiders build their webs strong by spinning and weaving a basket, criss-crossing shapes together to hold their prey. Students practiced engineering skills by using pipe cleaners, tape, and cups to build their own spider web.

The strings elective course being offered to all students in middle school grades at Emmanuel provides the tools a student needs to gain basic proficiency at playing a bowed stringed instrument (violin, viola, or cello), reading musical notation on a basic level, and interacting musically in a musical ensemble.

Emmanuel's seventh and eighth grade students were given the opportunity to dissect bovine eyeballs in science lab. Dr. Christina Munn from Skyland Animal Hospital shared her day and knowledge of animal anatomy.

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