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STEAM schoolFor many reasons, west Asheville is one of the most popular places to live in western North Carolina. Not only is there an abundance of churches, restaurants, and beautiful parks in the region, west Asheville is an excellent place to live and raise a family. 

If you are wanting to enroll your child in a Christian private preschool, elementary school, or middle school in west Asheville, Emmanuel Lutheran School is the best option in the area. 

Emmanuel Lutheran STEAM Program

Emmanuel Lutheran’s mission is to spread the gospel of Christ through our Christ-centered academics. We offer a rigorous Christ-centered education to all children, regardless of socioeconomic state, race, national or cultural background, or religious belief.

In addition to academics, ELS is the first and only Christian Parochial STEAM school in western North Carolina. We focus on STEM subjects such as science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics empowers children to develop their own confidence, and inspires them to achieve great things beyond middle school.

Beginning in Kindergarten, students lay the groundwork for STEAM education, which builds on prior years' STEAM projects. Robotics, drones, 3D imaging, and other forms of technology are employed in the classroom to connect all of the traditional topics.

Extracurricular Activities and Community Service

In the classroom, students are taught to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and people of integrity by our certified teachers and staff.  Through involvement in student clubs, our programs assist students to develop leadership and team-building abilities, as well as to attain a healthy balance through extracurricular activities.

ELS helps our students broaden their interests, find hidden talents, acquire new abilities, improve leadership skills, learn responsibility and teamwork, and obtain a stronger awareness and knowledge of community and service ideals through these programs. 

We value community service at ELS, therefore our students are offered several opportunities to develop a feeling of involvement and contribution to others.

West Asheville Private Education

West Asheville's population has increased, with more families relocating here in recent years. If you have young children and are considering coming to west Asheville, or if you are already here and looking for an alternative to public education, Emmanuel Lutheran School has been a part of our community for nearly 60 years. 

The school is affiliated with Emmanuel Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. 

If you’re looking for a Christ-centered STEAM school for your child, visit our website for more information or contact us. As a private school in west Asheville, we are dedicated to providing a well-rounded education for children from preschool to middle school.