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West Asheville Middle School Emmanuel Lutheran SchoolPeople are always looking for adventure, they desire to have new experiences, they want to reach higher peaks and explore more of what they have not yet explored. Speaking of North Carolina, specifically, there is an abundance of great cities and towns in North Carolina, but one city is an NC local favorite. It is known for many things like the Blue Ridge Parkway, thousands of miles of hiking trails, hundreds of miles of biking trails, a superb downtown scene, drum circles, a hot sauce store, and so much more like:

  • Fishing
  • Camping
  • Ziplining
  • Visiting the Biltmore House
  • Art Galleries

It is extremely well known and highly respected city of Asheville, NC. With so many things to do we would expect that Asheville is a place of high demand to live in and we would expect correctly. Asheville, NC is growing by the day from new couples settling down to start a family, to the next semester’s students coming to Asheville for college, or the new hires of the area coming in to find their place among the busy and beautiful city of Asheville. In fact, Asheville has experienced an extremely high rate of growth in residents for nearly three full decades.

While so many are moving to Asheville, NC there are a lot of stressors that apply to the newcomer one, in particular, is “Where are my kids going to go to school?” This continues on with a study done on a certain area looking for the highest-scoring schools on SAT’s, sports and athletic opportunities, meetings with principals, and deciphering whether it is too far or not. But truly, when choosing a West Asheville Middle School for their own kids there you do not want to simply choose the lesser of two evils; rather, what is best for them and their children. Emmanuel Lutheran School proves to be the best choice for parents who want their children to excel academically and spiritually.

Emmanuel Lutheran School is a Middle School in West Asheville that strives to teach the value of hard work and discipline through challenging academic classes. We also have put into effect the use of S.T.E.A.M., which is a teaching method combining everything from science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to develop how to rationalize a solution for the problem while also using robotics, drones, and 3-D Printers. ELS is committed to the godly pursuit to train children who will exceed academically but will also be productive members of the church and of society.

Needless to say, there is more to know about Emmanuel Lutheran School, but if you are looking for a West Asheville Middle School than give us a call today and schedule a tour to see the halls your children will soon walk every day at (828) 281-8182 or visit our website to send an email!