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Private Elementary Education in West AshevilleThere are several great neighborhoods and communities throughout the Asheville area; however, we are partial to West Asheville. Over the past decade, many new residents have turned this area into a thriving business and residential hub. Our streets have become more walkable and bikeable to accommodate the outdoor lifestyle for which Asheville is known. There are several businesses and amenities that attract tourists and locals to visit West Asheville, including:

  • The French Broad River Park, Carrier Park, the MellowDrome, and the greenway that connects the two
  • The West Asheville Park and Baseball Field
  • Several great restaurants such as Biscuit Head, Sunny Point Café, Standard Pizza Company, and Zia Taqueria
  • Unique shops such as Second Chance Sports
  • Music venues
  • Several great churches
  • The various art galleries throughout the River Arts District
  • Great homes for a variety of first-time buyers and more

There is a lot to love about West Asheville. If you have young children and are considering moving to West Asheville, or you already live here and are searching for an alternative to public elementary school, Emmanuel Lutheran School has been a fixture of our community for over 60 years.

Private Elementary Education in West Asheville

At Emmanuel Lutheran School, we are driven by four guiding principles that make us unique:

  1. Integrating God’s Word – ELS’s faculty and staff strive to lead by example, believing that by demonstrating Christ-like love, our students will grow up more confident and eager to do the same.
  2. Building Meaningful Relationships – Just as fostering a life-long relationship with Christ is at the core of our values, families also discover meaningful bonds throughout their ELS experience with teachers, other families, and students.
  3. Discovering the Students – Whether a student is a natural leader or prefers a supporting role, we believe that every child is created by God and has a purpose for his or her life.
  4. Refining the Experience – At ELS, we perform ongoing self-evaluation and encourage input from our students and families, which allows us to better serve our student body.

Another aspect that sets us apart is the implantation of STEAM curriculum. STEAM is an educational movement that combines science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics to foster critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration by applying all the disciplines together. We are the only Christian parochial school in western North Carolina offering this innovative curriculum. If you would like more information about our school, contact us today.