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Thank you for considering Emmanuel Lutheran School for your child’s Christian Education. Investing in your child’s education requires careful financial planning. ELS is aware that the cost of Christian education can be an obstacle for some families, so we have tuition assistance options to help lessen the financial burden, which include, the NC Opportunity Scholarship, the NC ESA + Program, and ELS tuition assistance.


Scholarships range from approximately $3,000 to $7,000 and are based on a family’s household income.


North Carolina’s Education Student Accounts (ESA+) program is available to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Funds may be used to pay tuition and fees for eligible private schools, and for expenses such as speech therapy, tutoring services, and educational technology.

  • $9,000 annual award. 
  • Eligibility based on documentation of a disability and other program requirements


We offer tuition assistance through ELS in addition to what you may receive from NC Opportunity Scholarship and also for those families who do not qualify for the NC Opportunity Scholarship. You will need to create an account to apply for tuition assistance as this is different from your family portal account. There is an additional fee to apply for aid. You must be enrolled at ELS to apply for this aid.



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