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The Only Christian Parochial STEAM School in Asheville and Western, NCAsheville is known for its artistic community. The River Arts District has long attracted artists and visitors from across the world. Music, theater, and culinary culture are all woven into the fabric of our identity. Families can enjoy a wide range of museums and galleries, music and entertainment, and the natural wonders surrounding our area. Nevertheless, as Buncombe, Madison, Henderson, and surrounding counties continue to grow, technology and engineering jobs are populating our workforce.

At Emmanuel Lutheran School, we are committed to providing the highest quality education in a Christ-centered environment. We are full STEAM ahead, having implemented Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic, and Mathematic curriculum in our school. ELS is the only first and only Christian Parochial STEAM school.

The Only Christian Parochial STEAM School in Asheville and Western, NC

STEAM education starts in Kindergarten and each year will build upon the previous years’ STEAM projects. Students will be able to see and come up with a process as they work together as teams to problem solve. This produces excitement in subjects that previously may have seemed boring. The re-introduction of art to STEM curricula is helping infuse these important subjects with creativity and engage those who think outside of the box.

At ELS, we have the unique opportunity to implement a STEAM curriculum that is also Christ-centered. That benefits students in several ways, including:

  • Developing spiritually while learning important academic lessons
  • Collaborative problem solving for both school assignments and church missions
  • Seeing the glory of God in the Scriptures and through the way in which he governs the universe
  • Preparing to be a light for Christ in jobs that make up a significant part of the workforce in our society
  • Demonstrating how God creates with both order and beauty
  • Making sure students are encouraged to love their neighbors and helping prevent their fellow students from falling behind
  • Becoming well-rounded students of Scripture and academics as they enter high school, preparing them to be responsible, Christ-centered adults

The lessons and skills STEAM students master at Emmanuel Lutheran School help them well beyond their academic pursuits. There is no longer a question about, “When will we ever use this?” Our students use their STEAM education beyond eighth grade, into high school, college, and their careers. Many are able to implement what they studied in their vocational and lay ministries for the sake of the church and the gospel. If you would like to know more about how STEAM can empower your students, contact Emmanuel Lutheran School.