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seek the truthThere are misconceptions about everything. When you find yourself on the wrong side of an untrue stereotype, it can be disheartening. For private schools, there are many misconceptions that harm the perception of high-quality institutions and, unfortunately, steer parents and students away from what could be a great experience. 

If you are a parent weighing your options about alternatives to public education, you know how important it is to do your research and get all the information you can about your choices. We want to help clear up some of the misconceptions about private Christian education, so Asheville area families can have all they need to make an informed decision about their child’s school. 

Misconceptions About Private School Asheville, NC

Here are a few of the most common myths about Christian education: 

  • Only wealthy families can send their children to private schools: Tuition is the most common means for most institutions to fund their budgets. However, tuition is often more affordable than people realize, and there is typically financial assistance.
  • Primarily it's children with behavioral issues attend private schools: The truth is that private school is appropriate for all students. Class sizes are generally smaller at private schools. Class sizes at ELS are up to 40% less than those in public schools, so teachers have more freedom to provide individual attention, care, and correction than they would in a public school setting.
  • Everyone is homogeneous in beliefs and ideas in private schools: We are a school for all children, both religious and non-religious, regardless of socioeconomic level, race, national or ethnic background, or religious creed. All students will have an opportunity to hear and believe the gospel. 
  • Teachers in private schools are unqualified: Many private schools still require licensure, and some of the best teachers prefer to teach in a private setting. You'll find some of the brightest thinkers in each subject at ELS. We are also the first and only parochial school to offer STEAM-based education.
  • Other than religion, private schools do not excel in other subjects: Private schools are committed to glorifying God in everything they do. It is vital to their mission to provide the highest-quality education for each student in every subject. 
  • Athletics and extracurricular activities in private schools are subpar: We provide a high-quality athletic program that emphasizes character development as well as talent development. At the same time, we work hard to ensure that we are competitive and that our student-athletes have a good time. We offer a variety of academics and extracurricular activities in addition to athletics.
  • Students in private schools are cut off from the rest of the world: Faculty and parents have more control over the narrative when students attend private school. When the adults in their lives believe the moment is right and the students are ready, they introduce them to difficult issues.
  • Christian witness is stifled by private schools: One prevalent misperception regarding private schools is that they drive Christian students away from public schools, therefore suffocating Christian witness. Private school students remain involved in local clubs and sports teams, so they have opportunities to share the gospel. They are also better equipped to contend for the gospel with what they learn in private school.

Private Christian School in Asheville, NC

Emmanuel Lutheran School is a private Christian school in West Asheville, providing students with the highest-quality education in a gospel-centered setting. For more information about ELS, contact us today