high school transition 2020The middle school years are considered some of the most difficult for children and their parents. The changes a child experiences from sixth to eighth grade are vast and can feel like a whirlwind. Experiencing those rapid changes while also navigating academics can seem like something that can be likened to a survival situation. Parents just want to get through it. However, it is during the preteen and early teenage years that your child begins to become the person you have been teaching them to be. They begin implementing the character lessons you have taught since they were little. Believe it or not, middle school is a time to cherish.  

Emmanuel Lutheran School provides elementary and middle school-age education. That means we are preparing your children for high school and beyond. We are blessed to hear from parents and students who excelled well beyond high school into college and beyond. We are here to help you prepare your middle schooler for life beyond the eighth grade. Here are a few tips to help parents support their middle schoolers. 

How to Make Sure Your Middle Schooler is Ready for High School

Make Sure They are Eating and Sleeping Well

Now is the time to establish healthy eating and sleeping habits to reduce stress, prevent fatigue, and help your middle schoolers flourish. 

Make Sure They Go Outside

While imaginative play may begin to wane during these years, children still need the sun and fresh air. Make sure they are going outside, even if it means limiting television and video games. 

Make Sure They Study Effectively

Study habits your middle schooler develops today will follow them into high school and college. 

  • Help them establish a devotional time with the Lord 
  • Create a quiet space for their study
  • Minimize distractions
  • Develop a daily routine 
  • Build breaks for stretching, exercise, and play
  • Establish a calendar of assignments

Make Sure They Find an Extracurricular Activity They Enjoy

ELS has fine arts and competitive athletics to engage middle school students beyond the classroom. At ELS, our programs help to exercise leadership and team-building skills through participation in student clubs and achieve balance through extracurricular activities. Whether its music, theater, art, sports, or some combination of multiple activities, encourage your middle schooler to find something they enjoy and stick with it. If your child loves soccer or violin, they will have something to help relieve stress in high school, and skills that can serve them in college and beyond.

If you would like more information about how your child can excel at Emmanuel Lutheran School, please contact us today.