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habits for studying effectivelyIt's almost the start of a new school year, and presumably, it's your child's first year of middle school. Everything will go smoothly until their teacher announces the date of their first exam. Your child may be in panic mode since they have no idea how to study for a middle school test! 

At Emmanuel Lutheran School, we prepare our students with the necessary studying skills to help them be successful. Here are six useful study strategies to help your child get through the school year:

Six Effective Study Habits for Middle School Students in Asheville

1) Learn Organization Skills

Being organized is a necessary skill for a successful studying session. Help your child become more organized by providing quiet study space, assisting in organizing their work, and getting a planner they can use to keep track of exams, assignments, and homework. When it's time to study for their exam, they have their notes, homework, and study material all in one place. 

2) Time Management Ideas

Schedule a time to study every day so that your child doesn't become overwhelmed right before an exam. Have your child use a study timer to remind them to take breaks in between extended periods of study time. Maintain a daily planner and a realistic timetable to ensure that your child can complete their assignments and review their study notes on a daily basis. 

3) Set Attainable Goals

By setting attainable goals, you can be assured that each study session will be successful. Have your child identify important vocabulary words and memorize them first. Through having great time management and organization skills, they can establish goals for each day to ensure they grasp all of the work by the time of the test. 

4) Minimize Distractions

If your child is easily distracted, have them study in a clean, quiet study area to help them get more out of their study time. If they can't focus at home, go to the library or find a peaceful location outside. Your child's cell phone can also be a significant distraction, so put it somewhere so they won't be tempted to look at it during study time. 

5) Make Study Groups

It's impossible to write every word your child's teacher says, but they must learn how to write crucial information. Study notes should be written in such a way that your child can look at them and immediately understand what's going on. 

In addition, daily reviews can help your child understand what you learned that day and will also reinforce their learning if their notes are efficient and contain the important components of each topic. 

6) Good Note Taking and Daily Review

Working on assignments and problem-solving with other students can be quite rewarding. Your child can ask questions that another student may have the answer to and work together to solve problems. Study buddies can also compare notes and fill in any missing information they might have from class. 

Emmanuel Lutheran School provides an academically challenging, Christ-centered education in a caring environment for elementary and middle school students. If you’re interested in enrolling your child at Emmanuel Lutheran School in Asheville, contact us.