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stay positive school winterOne of the factors that attract residents to western North Carolina is the weather. We experience all four seasons in the Asheville area. Spring brings brightly adorned wildflowers and plenty of blooming trees throughout the season. Summer brings warm temperatures, and the ridges become lush and green. For many, the best season is autumn, with its mild temperatures and spectacular displays of color. 

Millions of tourists visit our area each season. Even as we transition to late fall, the holiday season is among the most popular times to visit our area. However, as the new year arrives, the mercury dips, and the darkness comes early, it can be taxing on people here in Asheville. Even students struggle to stay motivated during the winter. 

Emmanuel Lutheran School has served west Asheville area students for nearly sixty years. Here are a few tips we have picked up along the way to help your child stay positive about school during winter. 

How to Help Asheville Students Stay Motivated During Winter

1) Help your child maintain a strong spiritual foundation.

Staying spiritually strong is one of the simplest ways to remain positive throughout winter. Only by seeking Him on a daily basis can we continue to draw closer to God and allow Him to bring us joy in the midst of our trials (Psalm 94:19). Help your child continue to seek God’s Word and pray regularly. 

2) Take frequent breaks and still go outside.

Students learn best when they take regular breaks. It makes sense; if you're always burning the candle from both ends, you'll eventually burn out. Help your child take breaks from their studies, and even though it may be chilly, try to make sure they go outside as often as possible. 

3) Make a detailed schedule.

Having a good routine and sticking to it is one method to keep on track during the Winter season. Ensure that your student is part of the process of creating their schedule so they will be more enthusiastic about keeping it. 

4) Do not neglect community.

We must invest time and effort into our other relationships just as we must put time and effort into our relationship with Jesus at these times. Involvement with church, friends, family, and neighbors is all vital during the dark days of winter. 

Make sure these relationships don't get pushed to the side during the end-of-the-semester frenzy.

5) Act as a positive role model

At the end of the day, the way you model positivity, spiritual maturity, and perseverance will have a significant impact on how your student learns to show those same characteristics. If you want your student to stay positive during the winter season, you'll have to be willing to do the same.

Emmanuel Lutheran School in West Asheville

At ELS, we know how challenging it can be to stay positive about education during the winter darkness. We make sure to shine the light of Christ through the gospel for each student every day at our school. Our faculty exude the love of Christ to each student and each other, and together, we combat the winter blues. 

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