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choosing_private_schoolWhat is it that brought you to Buncombe County? Were you tired of the lack of beautiful views wherever you lived before? Are you here because the miles of hiking trails appeal to your sense of adventure? Did you want to find a place where you could have the amenities and culture of a city with the charm of an Appalachian town? We could write a hundred lists of all the reasons people relocate to western North Carolina and still only scratch the surface. From the highest quality healthcare in the region to the plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities, there are a lot of reasons to call Asheville home.

One of the things that makes Asheville special is the emphasis on education. Within Buncombe County, the University of North Carolina Asheville and Mars Hill University provide some of the best post-secondary education in the state. Excellent high schools, middle schools, and elementary surround give children and teenagers the opportunity to grow into responsible adults. If you are inclined toward private school, we have several from which to choose. Here are a few questions that can help you determine the best fit for your child.

Questions to Ask When Exploring Private Schools in Buncombe County, NC

1) How Will Your School’s Mission Help My Child Grow?

For Emmanuel Lutheran School, our primary mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is not to the exclusion of rigorous academics. From kindergarten through eighth grade, our mission will help prepare your child for today, tomorrow, and forever.

2) Does Religion Have a Role in Your Philosophy?

We believe that God created all things, so our academics point students toward a Christian worldview. We also have chapel services throughout the week, so students can worship together and hear the gospel communicated by other local leaders.

3) What Makes Your School Unique?

ELS is the only Christian Parochial School in western North Carolina implementing a STEAM-based curriculum. STEAM stands for “Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering, and Mathematics.” As we become increasingly reliant on technology and engineering, STEAM helps emphasize these subjects as early as kindergarten. However, with STEAM, the arts are not left behind, and students are encouraged to think creatively even as they are learning the technical aspects of science and math. 

4) Do You Have Smaller Class Sizes?

Our smaller class sizes are one of the most significant advantages we offer parents and students. With 10-15 students per classroom, our classes are about 40% smaller than the state average. With fewer students, our faculty is able to identify the needs of individuals, and we are able to practice adequate social distancing.

What are you looking for in a private school? If you want your child to grow in their faith while being challenged to excel academically, we would love to discuss how they could become students at Emmanuel Lutheran School in Asheville. Contact us to find out more about our school, STEAM curriculum, and our commitment to preparing students for today, tomorrow, and eternity.