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Dress Code Information

We require all students to wear approved clothing from either Land's End or Read's Uniforms. 

TOPS  Girls Boys
ELS logoed dri-fit polo (short or long-sleeved)   Χ    Χ
ELS  logoed cotton/knit polo (short or long-sleeved)                                      Χ                                                               Χ         
BOTTOMS Girls Boys
Khaki or navy pants or shorts  Χ Χ
Khaki or navy skirts, skorts or jumper  Χ  
ELS logoed navy blue polo (short or long-sleeved) Χ Χ
Khaki pants or shorts  Χ Χ
Khaki skirt, skort or jumper  Χ  
Friday Dress Code Girls Boys
ELS t-shirt / sweatshirt and blue jeans or approved bottoms from list above. No holes, rips or tears in jeans. Χ Χ
Physical Education Uniform Grades 5-8 Only    
Required p.e. grey essentail t-shirt - Land's End only Χ Χ
Required p.e. mesh shorts - Land's End only Χ Χ
Shoes must be sneakers/tennis shoes (suitable for running) Χ Χ
ELS sweatshirts allowed for cold weather Χ Χ
OTHER Girls Boys
ELS logoed sweater, vest or jacket that is worn inside Χ Χ
Non-logoed outerwear for outside/recess only Χ Χ
Shoes; No lights or wheels. No cowboy boots. Χ Χ
Neutral colored socks, tights and leggings Χ  


Please refer to our School Dress Code for more details and special circumstances.



Land's End

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 Our school code is 900137514


Read's Uniforms

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Our school code is: "ELSNC"

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