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ELS Dress Code for K-8 Students

We require all students to wear approved clothing from either Read's Uniforms or Land's End.

Please note some important details regarding approved wear:

  • All polo shirts must have the school logo on them. Please read our School Dress Code before purchasing items. 
  • Grades 5 - 8 require a physical education uniform which can be found on the Land's End site  and is listed as the "essential tee" and "mesh gym shorts or mesh athletic gym shorts." Please see requirements in the School Dress Code. Other clothing articles are not permitted.
  • Only ELS approved jackets,sweaters,hoodies are allowed to be worn in the classroom. Students will be asked to remove any non-uniform outer garments in the classroom.
  • Every Friday is jeans (blue or black only) and ELS spirit shirt day. Jeans with holes, rips or tears are prohibited. Students may wear approved school bottoms in place of jeans if they wish.


Shop Read's Uniforms here.

Our school code is "ELSNC"


Shop Land's End here.

Our school code is 900137514


ELS Spirit Wear Online Store

Shop for spirit wear here.