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If the potential exists for an unscheduled school closing, you have several modes to receive the notification:

1. School Web site: (We will post whether school is closed, delayed, or open on the school website for the day in question.)

2. WLOS TV Channel 13

3. CallingPost Message (we will utilize an automated telephone calling system to announce closings or delays - be sure your current phone numbers are on file with the office.)

The TV will only run messages if our school will be closed or delayed. To get a definitive response, check the school Web site. A decision will be made by 6AM.

Any announcements about school closure or delay will impact ALL Emmanuel programs.

It is important to note that we will not always follow the lead of the area public schools.

In most cases, a judgment will be made based upon the road conditions in the Asheville area. It is vital that each family assess the risk based upon the weather conditions in their area. Parents should always exercise good judgment to ensure safe arrival based upon the road conditions along the entire route.

If Emmanuel has a delayed start, children and staff will be allowed access to the building 15 minutes prior. In these situations, parents should not assume that child care will be available before the announced start time.