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fall family fun ashevilleAsheville, North Carolina, is a fantastic destination for fall family fun, offering a variety of activities that capture the beauty of the season. Here are some ideas for enjoying the fall foliage and creating memorable experiences with your family:

  • Blue Ridge Parkway: This scenic drive is a must during the fall season. The colorful foliage along the Parkway's winding roads is truly breathtaking. There are also numerous overlooks where you can stop to take in the panoramic views and snap some family photos.
  • Biltmore Estate: The Biltmore Estate is a grand mansion surrounded by stunning gardens and grounds. During the fall, the estate comes alive with autumn colors. Explore the house gardens and even enjoy family-friendly events like the Biltmore Harvest Festival.
  • Pisgah National Forest: This vast forest offers hiking trails suitable for all skill levels. The fall foliage makes these hikes even more enjoyable. Be sure to visit Looking Glass Falls, a picturesque waterfall accessible from a short trail.
  • Apple Picking: Many orchards in the Asheville area offer apple picking during the fall. It's a fun activity for the whole family, and you can take your freshly picked apples home to make delicious treats like apple pie or caramel apples. 
  • Fall Festivals: Asheville hosts a variety of fall festivals that are perfect for family enjoyment. The Fall Leaf Festival and the Lovely Asheville Annual Fall Festival are just a couple of examples of where you can enjoy live music, local food, and crafts.
  • Horseback Riding: Experience the beauty of the fall foliage on horseback. Several stables in the area offer guided horseback riding tours through the scenic mountains.
  • Corn Mazes and Pumpkin Patches: Many local farms create elaborate corn mazes and offer pumpkin patches during the fall season. It's a classic family activity that kids of all ages enjoy.
  • Outdoor Adventures: If your family loves adventure, consider activities like zip-lining, hot-air ballooning, or taking a scenic train ride through the mountains. These experiences provide a unique perspective on the fall landscape.
  • Local Arts and Crafts: Asheville is known for its vibrant arts and crafts scene. Explore local galleries, studios, and craft fairs to discover unique handmade items and support local artisans.
  • Leaf Peeping: Sometimes, the simple pleasure of taking a leisurely stroll through the neighborhoods and parks of Asheville can be incredibly rewarding during the fall. The changing leaves create a stunning backdrop for a family walk.

Remember to check ahead for any events, seasonal offerings, and operating hours, as they might vary due to local circumstances. Fall is a popular time to visit Asheville, so it's a good idea to plan ahead and make any necessary reservations in advance.

Emmanuel Lutheran School in Asheville, North Carolina

Emmanuel Lutheran School is an accredited preschool and K-8 preparatory school that provides an academically challenging, Christ-centered education in a caring environment. Our mission is to prepare children For Today, For Tomorrow, Forever.

Our core values at Emmanuel Lutheran School are:

  1. Scripture Alone – God’s revelation of Himself, through the inerrant Word of His Law and Gospel in the Bible, to His most loved creation: man.
  2. Grace Alone – Only by the empowering grace of God can we hope to approach and understand our Creator. His greatest evidence of grace to us is found in His Son, Jesus Christ.
  3. Faith Alone – Having begun to see the greatness of God’s love for us as understood in His Word through the gracious intention of His will, our faithful response comes in areas such as:
  • Our belief in the saving death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • Our realization of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  • Our foundation that life is of God and, as such, is always precious
  • Our worship of God is active through both corporate fellowship and daily devotions and prayer, and our giving back to God with all that we have and do
  • Our relationships with each other are extensions of God’s love
  • Our excitement over His love for us compels us to make disciples of all
  • Our integrity is seen in every one of our actions

If you live in the Asheville, North Carolina, area and would like additional information about enrolling your child in our private Christian school, contact us today.