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elementary school study habitsGood study habits don't come naturally to elementary students. However, as your child starts getting more homework and tests, they'll need to learn how to study. Here are five elementary study tips that Emmanuel Lutheran School recommends to help your child develop strong, effective study habits. 

Five Effective Study Habits for Elementary School Students

1. Help Your Child Learn to Identify Distractions

Some children are easily distracted when trying to study. This is especially true for children who have difficulty focusing. 

Furthermore, hearing siblings play at home or excessive noise may make it challenging for your child to concentrate on their studies. Create a quiet study area for your child and then assess the space together to identify any distractions to study.

2. Teach Your Child How to Create an Effective Study Space

It would be perfect if your child could always concentrate in a comfortable environment with adequate lighting and no distractions. That is not always feasible; however, your child can learn to make almost any study setting more effective. 

Show your child how to create a peaceful workspace that is not in a distracting environment. Also, you can help create a portable homework station to house all of your child's school and study supplies.

3. Start Making Checklists with Your Child

Children don't always recognize their own strengths, especially when they're struggling with something. However, concentrating on their strengths can help them gain confidence. It's important for children to recognize their weaknesses as their strengths. 

Understanding their difficulties can help your child find strategies to adapt throughout study time. After recognizing your child's skills and limitations, they can begin keeping track of what they need to work on by making a study checklist.  

4. Help Your Child Prioritize 

Learning how to prioritize is a necessary skill for elementary students. While keeping track of due dates is helpful, it's not the only approach for your child to prioritize homework. 

Some children may prefer to begin with easier tasks before progressing to more difficult ones. Other children like to begin with the most difficult tasks. Keep an eye on your child to see which method seems to make the most sense, and then discuss it with them. 

5. Teach Your Child Specific Study Skills

It's easy to miss if your child simply doesn't know how to study yet. Your child needs to understand how to organize their backpacks and divide assignments into smaller steps. Improving these skills will also help your child in learning basic organizational skills and note-taking strategies. 

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