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why private school benefits middle schoolersWhat is it about life in Buncombe County that you enjoy most? The tens of thousands of people who have moved to the area in recent decades likely agree with one or more of the following reasons for loving our area:

  • The Mountains: As the highest city on the East Coast, Buncombe County is surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains, which provide a spectacular view and backdrop for our entire area.
  • The City: Asheville is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Carolina, with tens of millions of people each year.
  • The Great Outdoors: There's so much to do outside, from hiking and mountain biking to kayaking and whitewater rafting, that you might forget what your house looks like.
  • The Attractions: The Biltmore Estate in Buncombe County is more than just a big mansion; it's a location to get away from normal life for locals, with a vineyard, shops, and mountain biking trails to go along with tours of Vanderbilt's masterpiece. There are many attractions besides the Biltmore, including the pinball museum, hiking trails, mountain biking parks, and so much more.
  • The Shopping: Premium shopping is available across Buncombe County, from downtown to the Asheville outlets.
  • Medical Care: Asheville offers some of the top medical facilities in the country for a medium-sized city.
  • The Education: Our area is home to a plethora of good institutions, colleges, public and private secondary schools, libraries, and museums, as well as a plethora of amazing educators.

Many families in Buncombe County are looking for Christian private schools. Parents want to ensure that their children have a strong Christian basis while still being academically challenged. 

Emmanuel Lutheran School offers academic achievement in a gospel-centered atmosphere to Buncombe County families. Our private Christian academy is committed to helping students become the adults they were created to be.

Private Christian Academy Serving Buncombe County, NC

The best alternative to public education is private school. There are many benefits for choosing our private Christian Academy, including:

  • Christian private schools can help students grow spiritually by providing a Christ-centered, gospel-focused environment. In public schools, the gospel of Jesus cannot be proclaimed openly. Christian parents, on the other hand, know that the gospel is the most important basic fact and see the value in including it in their children's education.
  • In general, schools are safe places. Christian private schools, on the other hand, are safer in a variety of important statistics, such as bullying and classroom behavioral issues. 
  • Because private Christian schools have smaller class sizes, they may provide more individualized attention to students who excel or struggle in specific subjects.
  • Christian private schools have the freedom to select the most appropriate sanitation and health policies for their children. Because of our health and safety requirements, our school was able to continue in-person learning during the global pandemic. Small class sizes allow us to maintain adequate social distance if something spreads in our community.
  • Christian private schools are dedicated to maintaining a high level of academic performance. In Christian practice, everything must be done for the glory of God.

Emmanuel Lutheran School in Buncombe County

Our private Christian academy helps students become the people God created them to be. If you would like to know more about our school, please reach out to us. We would be happy to answer your questions and even schedule a tour.