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Have you wondered what the difference is between private and public schools? Maybe you’re asking yourself what the benefits are of putting your child in a Christian private school. Well, here in the western part of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, we are here to answer your questions. At Emmanuel Lutheran School, we care about you and your child! 

We understand how important this decision is and want to help you make the best decision for your family.

Change can be difficult for any of us, but can be especially challenging for those transitioning from elementary school to middle school. How we, as parents, help our children prepare for that coming change can play a drastic role in how it affects them. 

In many movies, TV shows, and books, high school is often portrayed as a type of no-man’s-land, dog-eat-dog, no-holds-barred arena of hormones, social stigma, and bullying. However, while high school can often be a challenging experience, it is often not the social nightmare it is presented as. 

This is even more true when the new high schooler has a parent who is invested in their wellbeing and is making every effort to help them succeed. 

At Emmanuel Lutheran School, a private Christian school in Asheville, NC, we would like to offer you a few helpful suggestions on helping to prepare your middle school-aged students for both high school and beyond!

When you become a parent, you are faced with numerous choices. 

From the moment they are born, you have to choose what kind of crib to buy or build, what car seat will be safest and most comfortable, what method(s) you will use for bedtime routines. Choices will continue as you research local daycares and preschools. 

Eventually, you will be considering whether you want to send your child to public or private school. 

If you are thinking about public education, you will be investigating local institutions and whether a charter school may be the best option. If you are researching private schools, you will have to choose between Christian or irreligious. Even among Christian private education, there are options within the Asheville area. 

Emmanuel Lutheran School is a Christian private school committed to providing the highest quality education in a Christ-centered environment. One of the ways we accomplish our mission is by implementing the STEAM curriculum.