Emmanuel's seventh and eighth grade students were given the opportunity to dissect bovine eyeballs in science lab. Dr. Christina Munn from Skyland Animal Hospital shared her day and knowledge of animal anatomy.

For sixty years, Emmanuel Lutheran School has been sharing the gospel of Jesus in the educational setting. To accomplish this, we have provided a Christ-centered academic experience for churched and un-churched children, maintaining a rigorous academic environment in every subject. As part of our mission to equip every child to succeed in their academic pursuits and become productive members of their churches and society, we are a proud STEAM school. 

Our First through Fourth grades have been busy learning in more natural and hands-on methods using engineering, science, and math!

Technology is advancing at a frenetic pace. When we were young, new technology was something we might experience annually. Now it seems that there is a new, ground-breaking advancement monthly, or even daily. From laptops and tablets to smartboards and smart assistants, our world is more connected than ever. Though this may feel foreboding or frightening, with the right strategies in place, technology can be a tool to enhance your children’s’ educational experience.

In this article, we are providing parents with tips and advice for utilizing computers, tablets, smartphones, and the internet for your children’s academic endeavors.

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