The Christmas and New Year holidays represent a welcome break for elementary and junior high students. Although we have put a difficult year behind us, stress and uncertainty has been challenging for children and students. The same factors that have given adults anxiety throughout the year have impacted our kids. Many public school students in Buncombe County have dealt with shifting schedules from in-person learning, remote classrooms, and sometimes both in the same week.

For students in the Asheville area, this holiday season is as anticipated as ever. It has been a strange year, and this semester has, for many, been fraught with scheduling changes that seem to come out of nowhere. Most traditional public school students as well as some private school children have experienced a mixture of remote and in-classroom learning. Many have had to make adjustments on the fly to keep up with their scheduling. That is in addition to potentially being required to quarantine for extended periods of time. All of that is on top of the typical pressures and stresses of assignments, relationships, and extracurricular activities. 

For all students, the holiday season is a welcome reprieve from the typical school year struggles. However, for Christian students, Advent is a special time.

This has been one of the most challenging years for parents in many decades. Adults have had to navigate working remotely while simultaneously managing learning from home. Students have left campuses in spring not realizing some would not return until October. There has been worry, doubt, and fear, but also tremendous support from teachers who have worked tirelessly to make sure children have had every opportunity to succeed. 

At Emmanuel Lutheran School, our small class sizes allow us to maintain safe distancing, while our staff ensures the cleanest environment possible. We were blessed to be able to return to school this fall with some semblance of normalcy. Nevertheless, students will welcome the approaching holiday breaks. In such a strange year, it will be vital for parents to help prevent students from losing their momentum for learning during breaks.

There are few things more important to parents than their children’s education. You know education is key to their success, so much of your focus is on ensuring they have the best possible academic experience. From public and charter schools to private and homeschool-hybrid institutions, there are more options than ever for your students. For those searching for alternatives to traditional public education in Asheville, private school is a great option. 

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