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Why Private School Benefits Middle Schoolers

Why Private School Benefits Middle Schoolers

February 14, 2022

Every moment of your child’s life is precious. It may move you to tears every time you think about the milestones they reach. From the time they can roll over on their tummies to throwing their hats in the air at graduation, parenting children is an emotional rollercoaster. 

New parents are often conditioned to dread the thought of their children becoming middle schoolers. You probably heard something like, “They’re cute now, but just wait till they’re in middle school.” The faculty and administrators at Emmanuel Lutheran School disagree with the idea that these years are something to be feared. We think these years are full of opportunities for parents and students. 

One of the ways you can maximize the middle school years is by enrolling your student in a quality private institution. Here are the benefits of Christian private education for pre-teens and middle school students. 

Seven Benefits of Private School for Middle Schoolers

1) Developing a Christian Worldview Perspective

Being gospel-centered does not compromise our commitment to providing a high-quality academic experience. Our teachers are experts in their field and convey their knowledge effectively to each student.  Every subject is taught from the perspective of a Christian worldview.

The Bible and the gospel, we believe, provide the best explanation for how the world works. When we look at history, English, and other subjects in the context of Scripture, we can better understand them. Middle school is a time when a child can really begin to grasp the Christian worldview. 

2) Supportive Small Class Sizes

Each classroom in a private school often has 40-50 percent fewer students than public institutions. Smaller class sizes provide opportunities and advantages for middle schoolers, such as:

  • Individual attention for students who excel or struggle in a specific area
  • Possibilities for students to form strong, long-lasting friendships
  • Fewer opportunities for bullying and harassment
  • When infections or illnesses are spreading in our area, small class sizes give us the ability to perform social distancing,

One of the main advantages of private education is the smaller class sizes. For middle schoolers, having fewer students in each classroom is very beneficial. 

3) Emphasis on the Gospel

At Emmanuel Lutheran School, students hear the gospel every day in class and weekly during chapel services. The middle school years are a time when students are beginning to seek out answers to the big questions in life. 

They are beginning to explore their own faith. Private schools like ELS give students the opportunity to find answers in the gospel. 

4) Christ-Centered Team Sports

School athletics begin in earnest during middle school. There are many benefits to participating in sports for students. They learn teamwork, perseverance, and comradery through team sports. 

In a private Christian school, students also learn how to practice Christlikeness whether they win or lose. This is the perfect environment for middle schoolers to begin their athletic pursuits. 

5) Students Learn Doctrine

Middle school-aged students are capable of understanding complex mathematical equations and challenging language concepts. This is the perfect time to begin introducing doctrinal and theological lessons. 

Parents and church leaders endeavor to convey the importance of Christian doctrine, but the opportunity to study the vital tenants of our faith during the school day is absolutely invaluable for middle schoolers.  

6) STEAM Facilitates Collaboration and Creativity 

STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) is an educational movement that combines science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics to promote critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork by combining all of the disciplines.

Emmanuel Lutheran School in Asheville is Western North Carolina's first and only Christian Parochial Christian STEAM school, which empowers students by combining technology and the arts to create confidence and encourage them to achieve great things beyond their middle school years.

Robotics, drones, 3D imaging, and other forms of technology are employed in the classroom to connect all of the traditional subjects. STEAM helps middle schoolers maintain their imaginative creativity while learning valuable lessons that will benefit them throughout their lives. 

7) Private Christian Schools Create Community

Middle school years are to be celebrated. Middle schoolers are to be supported, not ignored. Private Christian schools create a community that points middle school students to the gospel and discipleship. Parents are encouraged to be involved in our student body and their children’s education. 

If you would like to know more about how your child can benefit from Christian education during their middle school years, we would love to talk with you further. Contact us for more information about our school and supporting your middle schooler.