What Makes a STEAM School Different

What Makes a STEAM School Different

October 31, 2019

For sixty years, Emmanuel Lutheran School has been sharing the gospel of Jesus in the educational setting. To accomplish this, we have provided a Christ-centered academic experience for churched and un-churched children, maintaining a rigorous academic environment in every subject. As part of our mission to equip every child to succeed in their academic pursuits and become productive members of their churches and society, we are a proud STEAM school. 


In this article, we are discussing what makes a Science Technology Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) school different than other schools, and why you should strongly consider a STEAM education for your child. 

What is STEAM?

Emmanuel Lutheran School is western North Carolina’s first and only Christian parochial STEAM school. As such, we are believers in the importance of STEAM education. STEAM is an educational initiative developed by the Rhode Island School of Design. The goal, according to the RISD is, “To foster the true innovation that comes with combining the mind of a scientist or technologist with that of an artist or designer.” 

Though STEAM schools emphasize science and technology, that does not mean ELS is letting English, language arts, or social studies go to the wayside. STEAM encourages students to craft and ask great questions and find creative solutions to problems. Whether they are studying literature, history, or math, this approach helps students understand how each subject applies to their lives and the world around them.

God’s creative and innovative qualities are evident in creation. For the administration and faculty at ELS, STEAM is an integral part of our mission to develop Christian leaders. 


STEM curriculum was introduced in the early 2000s and grew quickly in popularity. STEM schools were helping prepare students for a job market that was increasingly shifting toward science and technology. Though there is still demand for jobs related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, students should see the world beyond the nuts and bolts of physics. 

God created the world with an order that can be explored in science, but His creation is also beautiful and should be understood artistically. STEAM curriculum helps balance the need for studying science and arithmetic with an appreciation for art, music, and creative writing. At ELS, we know students are created in the image of God, who is both ordered and artistic. STEAM helps us demonstrate those attributes of God through lessons in every subject. 

Why ELS is a STEAM School?

STEAM curriculum brings the black and white textbook and lecture lessons to life. Students and teachers engaged in STEAM make more real-life connections so that school is not a place where you go to learn but instead becomes the entire experience of learning itself. We are always learning, always growing, always experimenting. This method of education helps students recognize that learning is something to be enjoyed for life. 

Ultimately, ELS is a STEAM school because we believe it glorifies God and helps us fulfill our mission. STEAM fits our commitment to Christ-centered education and helping our students become healthy disciples of God. As the only Christian parochial school in the Asheville area utilizing this method, students have a unique opportunity to be STEAM-educated within the framework of a Christian worldview. 

If you would like more information about STEAM curriculum and how we uniquely provide it in conjunction with a Christ-centered education, contact Emmanuel Lutheran School. We would be happy to give you a tour of our Christian school and answer any questions you may have.