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What Is Christian Private Education?

What Is Christian Private Education?

September 07, 2021

Have you wondered what the difference is between private and public schools? Maybe you’re asking yourself what the benefits are of putting your child in a Christian private school. Well, here in the western part of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, we are here to answer your questions. At Emmanuel Lutheran School, we care about you and your child! 

We understand how important this decision is and want to help you make the best decision for your family.

What Is Christian Private Education?

The best way to truly understand what your child is getting out of a Christian private education is to understand all of the core foundations which are gained within this environment. Each school is unique and slightly different. However, the core principles surrounding Christian private schools are founded in the same Biblical truth. 

Below are a few helpful points that make up the foundation of any Christian Private Education.

1. Private Education

Though obvious, Christian private schools are just that - private. This means they are not specifically mandated by the public school board, as public schools are. Instead, the private school’s specific board, along with the families that attend, has more flexibility over certain regulations. 

This can be extremely beneficial for families that do not want to place their child in a public environment that may set mandates that go directly against the family’s beliefs or values. In addition, often, private schools have access to better resources because they are not restricted by public funding. This can sometimes result in better equipment and supplies.

2. Core Moral Values

Speaking of values, Christian private schools are united in their core values to provide a Godly environment and Christian learning perspective to every aspect of your child’s academic experience. Science is taught from the Biblical perspective of truth, which is not something that is seen outside the private school sector. 

You can feel confident that your child is not only being taught from a Christian approach at home, but in their school curriculum as well. Along with this, worship, prayer, and prioritizing church and family are all part of the integrated Christian atmosphere. 

These core moral values will nurture a healthy, ethical mindset that will be utilized for the rest of your child’s life.

3. Cultivating and Loving Environment

Students, as well as staff members, are expected to display these Christian attributes, which will promote a healthy learning environment for your child. Teachers are in an amazing position to be great role models for your students while they are away from your home. 

Being in a position like this, Christian teachers help kids to excel spiritually as well as academically. This kind of Christ-like environment helps foster a healthy and safe learning space for your growing student.

4. Dedicated Staff

Teachers and staff members alike all share a common goal of providing the best quality and Christian learning experience to each child. Teachers in Christian private schools are often more devoted to providing individualized care. The smaller classroom sizes that are seen among private schools aid in providing this type of specialized learning environment. 

The smaller size also helps in the formation of a role model-like relationship as the class sizes do not limit the involvement of the teacher.

5. Future Preparation

Preparing your student for high school, university, and beyond is an incredibly important task. Finding the best environment for your child can affect their future. Research from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and Gallop shows that private school graduates actually have better outcomes than public school ones. It also shows a higher percentage of high school graduates going to college and, more specifically, prestigious universities. 

Academically, it is obvious that there are many advantages to private schools. More importantly than this, though, a Christian private education can help cultivate the spiritual growth of your student, aiding in the most important area of their lives. 

Emmanuel Lutheran School - A Christian Private School in Asheville

Choosing to place your student in a Christian private school is a decision that will not only affect your student’s academic career but it will also affect their spiritual, emotional, and social health. Here at Emmanuel Lutheran School, we desire to help you in making this transition if you have not already done so. 

Please do not hesitate to call our dedicated staff members at (828) 281-8182 or visit our website.