What Advent Means for Christian Students

What Advent Means for Christian Students

November 03, 2020

For students in the Asheville area, this holiday season is as anticipated as ever. It has been a strange year, and this semester has, for many, been fraught with scheduling changes that seem to come out of nowhere. Most traditional public school students as well as some private school children have experienced a mixture of remote and in-classroom learning. Many have had to make adjustments on the fly to keep up with their scheduling. That is in addition to potentially being required to quarantine for extended periods of time. All of that is on top of the typical pressures and stresses of assignments, relationships, and extracurricular activities. 

For all students, the holiday season is a welcome reprieve from the typical school year struggles. However, for Christian students, Advent is a special time.

It is an opportunity for rest and a chance to focus on worshipping God. In this article, we want to help parents and students understand and appreciate this unique time of year. 

What Advent Means for Christian Students

1) Advent is a chance for a welcome break.

Even in a typical year, the pressures of school, athletic competition, and relationships can cause stress and a student’s life. Students look forward to the holidays as an opportunity for a break from the pressures of academics. For parents and teachers, it is important to remember that well there may be some measure of schoolwork required during the advent season, it is important for everyone to get a break and get some rest. That means they cannot necessarily play video games and stay up late every night during winter break. It is vital to make sure your students get plenty of sleep, eat well, and keep up whatever schoolwork they have. It is also an opportunity to get ahead on assignments with later due dates. 

2) Advent is a time to spend with family.

Much of the school year is devoted to academics and other school requirements. Many students want and need to spend more time with their immediate and extended families. This year may present unique challenges with gatherings of family members and friends. You may find that the best solution is to see your relatives on video conferencing software. However, it is important for your student to spend time with family during this Advent season.

3)  Advent is a time for worship.

The first advent of Jesus was the most anticipated event in human history. It was promised the moment we fell in the garden; however, many generations waited before our Lord and Savior came to earth as a child to be fully human and fully God. Christmas is often associated with gift-giving and shopping. While that is not altogether wrong, parents mastermind their students that add that is a season for worship. Is the time to reflect on our need for salvation and the fulfilled promise of it in Christ.

Corporate Christmas worship may look differently in our area this year; However, many churches have made technological strides to ensure as many people can worship virtually as possible. It is likely your local church will reach even more people with the true purpose of Advent this year. 

4) Advent is the time for hope. 

Unfortunately, for some students, this holiday season will be a reminder of things they’ve lost during this difficult year. Traditional gatherings will likely be postponed until next year. Things may be different than they have been in the past, but there was darkness before the light of Christ at his First Advent. After his resurrection, before he ascended to heaven, Jesus reminded his first followers that there would be a second Advent. Help your students remember that this is a season of hope. 

If you are a parent of students in the Asheville area, you know how important it is to celebrate Christmas. For students at a private Christian school like Emmanuel Lutheran school, we celebrate Jesus all year long. We make sure a focus for our students is studying the Scriptures and reminding them of how important Christ is in their lives. If you would like to know more about how your student will thrive at Emmanuel Lutheran school, please contact us.