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Mrs. Noel uses STEAM in her Kindergarten Classroom

Mrs. Noel uses STEAM in her Kindergarten Classroom

September 24, 2019

Mrs. Noel's Kindergarten built STEAM Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees using their engineering skills to place as many letters as possible on top without tipping over.

In this activity, students are asked, "How can we build a tree that can hold different alphabet letters using these materials?" They are given time to experiment and play with the materials. They then discuss and collaborate together, on how to build a tree that can hold more than one letter.


In this series of books by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault, the lowercase letters climb a coconut tree in alphabetical order, until their weight causes the tree to bend so much that they all tumble out of the tree. Capital letters (the older relatives of the letters climbing the tree) come to help them. Again alphabetically, it describes each letter's injury.

At night, letter A comes back and climbs up the coconut tree, daring the other letters to catch him.

STEAM activities help promote essential 21st-century skills, which is important in preparing our children for an unknown future.