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How to Prepare Middle School Students for High School

How to Prepare Middle School Students for High School

August 02, 2021

In many movies, TV shows, and books, high school is often portrayed as a type of no-man’s-land, dog-eat-dog, no-holds-barred arena of hormones, social stigma, and bullying. However, while high school can often be a challenging experience, it is often not the social nightmare it is presented as. 

This is even more true when the new high schooler has a parent who is invested in their wellbeing and is making every effort to help them succeed. 

At Emmanuel Lutheran School, a private Christian school in Asheville, NC, we would like to offer you a few helpful suggestions on helping to prepare your middle school-aged students for both high school and beyond!

How to Prepare Middle School-Aged Students for High School and Beyond

1) Gather the Materials

Even if you're reading this blog and your student has already begun high school, never fear! It is never too late to begin taking active steps towards helping your child succeed within their high school environment. Another great way that you can do this as a parent is by being informed regarding your student’s classes, homework, grades, and study habits. 

Depending on the high school which your student will be attending, there may also be some flexibility in deciding which courses to take. Try speaking with your student regarding their interests and future plans, and perhaps you together can figure out a curriculum that will see to your student’s needs and long-term goals!

2) Set the Groundwork

If you are reading this blog and your student has a while to go before high school, perhaps the greatest way to prepare your student for high school is by making sure they start on the right foot much earlier than when they take their first steps onto the high school campus. What this often looks like is making sure they are receiving quality education from an early age and an education that encourages them to remain strong in their faith, no matter the environment!

Here at Emmanuel Lutheran School, we believe that this process of preparation begins as young a possible! This is why we train students from kindergarten to 8th grade on how to encounter the world from a Christ-centered standpoint. 

As a child matures more and more spiritually, the easier it is for them to make God-honoring decisions, even when faced with difficult challenges. This way, even as they finally enter the lion’s mouth of high school, they have spent years practicing being a light shining before others (Matthew 5:16).

3) Build the Support

As Scripture says, “Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10). Everyone stands stronger when they are being supported by others; this is especially true for those beginning a brand new chapter of their lives, such as students beginning high school for the first time!

Make sure your student knows they are not alone by helping them to see that they have your love and support as a parent/grandparent/legal guardian/etc. Additionally, make sure your student is involved in church and has support from fellow believers. 

Likewise, perhaps reach out to see what extracurricular activities are available in which your student could pursue their interests while making new friends!

4) Speed Up the Process

On a more practical level, high school may involve the use of skills that most students have not fully acquired. To give your student a leg up on the competition, it is wise to begin practicing some of these skills with your student, even outside of the classroom!

  • One of the biggest struggles for many incoming freshmen is their inability to take good notes. This makes sense as being able to listen well while simultaneously writing/typing requires a great deal of multitasking! Practice this with your student by having them take notes at church, at co-op classes, during documentaries, or during open reading times!
  • Along with this, another challenge for many high schoolers is in their ability to type! Have your student practice typing using the ideal typing strategy. By doing so, they will be able to type much more efficiently than those still typing by searching for each individual key.
  • Start good study/sleep/eating habits now!  The quicker you can get your student in the pattern of making good choices as far as time management and food management, the better! Most adults struggle with this, let alone high school students! 

By using some of these strategies and by making sure to always pursue Christ as a parent and as a family, you are well on your way in preparing your middle schooler for high school and beyond!

If you would like to know anything more about Emmanuel Lutheran School and our STEAM-based curriculum, we would love to answer your questions and schedule a tour for you to see and meet teachers and faculty. Contact Emmanuel Lutheran School for more information!