How to Choose Between Private, Public, and Charter Schools

How to Choose Between Private, Public, and Charter Schools

February 06, 2018

Should I send my child to private, public, or charter school? The key to answering this question is to thoroughly research your options, invest in your child’s education, and choose what you believe is best for him or her. 

Well-rounded education is the goal of most schools, and each system has its own set of successes and challenges. We have developed a short e-book, to help parents dtermine what system is best for their children. 

What are the Key Differences Between Public, Private, and Charter Schools?

Publicly funded traditional and charter schools are resourced by state and federal governments, while private schools raise funds through tuition, donors, and other private sources. Privately funded do not have the same level of government interference as public schools, but may not have access to the same wealth of extra-curricular activities. 

How to Choose Between Public, Private, and Charter Schools

Though essentially free-of-charge to parents, public schools often require significant financial commitment for students who wish to participate in sports, marching band, and other clubs. For parents, finances are just one of the many factors to weigh when choosing what educational experience is right for their children. 

Examining the Strengths, Weaknesses, and Misconceptions of Educational Experiences 

Our short guide helps parents walk through this difficult decision with resources, statistics, and analysis of the good, the bad, and the misunderstood aspects private, public, and charter schools. Whether you are considering Emmanuel Lutheran School or not, this e-book is free for you. To download your copy, follow this link and fill out this short form. 

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