How Changes Remind Us Jesus Is Constant

How Changes Remind Us Jesus Is Constant

September 01, 2017

Change! For the past year I have been dealing with road construction near my home. Each day a different lane is blocked and I have to navigate the orange cones to my driveway. While at times this is frustrating, it makes me change a normal routine.

Principal Beth Meschke Emmanuel Lutheran School - private Christian Education Asheville, NCWhen you think of change, does it excite you, scare you, or both?  For me it is often both. I recently became a grandma and I couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive. Now that she is here, I find myself wondering how I am going to be part of her life when I live 9 hours away. What will I miss during those months I don’t see her? Just in the first week’s pictures, she has changed so much.

God is Steadfast. He Never Changes

The best part of Hebrews 13:8  is that even when everything around us is changing. God remains the same. His steadfast, forgiving love for us doesn’t change. We have that foundation to hold onto when life throws us some orange cones to dodge.


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