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Family-Friendly Ways to Beat the Heat in Asheville

Family-Friendly Ways to Beat the Heat in Asheville

June 02, 2021

You won’t find better weather in North Carolina than what we have here in Asheville. We are far enough south to avoid the extreme winter weather you might expect in a high elevation area. Yet, being the highest city our size east of the Mississippi River does help provide a reprieve from the worst of the heat and humidity experienced by our neighbors in cities like Charlotte and Raleigh. Still, it does get hot. The mercury has climbed as high as 99-degrees in the city. 

Sometimes, you and your family need to find ways to beat the heat. In our area, there are several things you can do to cool off, often without having to retreat indoors. 

Eight Tips for Families to Beat the Asheville Summer Heat

1) Timing Your Outdoor Activities

One of the best aspects of summer in Asheville is that even on the hottest days, morning and evening temperatures are noticeably cooler and less humid than places down east. Even in the valleys, we have very few nights with lows above 70-degrees. One of the ways you can enjoy the outdoors without getting overheated is by planning your outdoor activities for the morning or evening. Beware, if you plan to be outside as the sun is going down, you need to have some protection against mosquitos, horse flies, and other biting insects. 

2) Create a Breeze by Mountain Biking  

Mountain biking is a great way to get outside and enjoy our area while also burning calories and building fitness. You and your family will definitely work up a sweat while biking but compared to walking or running, you’re guaranteed to have a breeze while you are on the move. We have several world-class mountain biking areas, including:

  • Bent Creek
  • Dupont State Forest
  • Tsali Recreation Area
  • Kitsuma Peak Bike Trail

There are a number of bike parks, such as:

  • Bailey Mountain Bike Park | Mars Hill, NC
  • Kolo Bike Park at Asheville Treetops Adventures | Asheville, NC
  • Brevard Bike Park | Brevard, NC
  • Ride Kanuga | Hendersonville, NC
  • Berm Peak Bike Park | Canton, NC (opening soon)
  • The bike trials at Biltmore Estate

3) Go to the Top of a Mountain

Even when the temperature is in the 90s in Asheville, the mercury will get no higher than the mid-70s in the higher elevations (above 4,500 feet). Here are a few of the high peaks to visit in our area:

  • Mount Pisgah
  • Mount Mitchell
  • Craggy Pinnacle and Gardens
  • Balsam Knob
  • The Devil’s Courthouse
  • Clingmans Dome
  • Max Patch

Most of these areas have hiking trails, picnic spaces, and incredible views. 

4) Try a Peaceful River Activity Like Fly Fishing

Do you find your children’s indoor volume increases during the summer? Are you thinking about trying to find a quiet activity? Fly fishing might be the perfect solution. 

Whether you are an expert or a complete novice, our area has numerous amazing fly fishing guides who can work with people of all ages. In addition to cooling off, trout fishing will provide your family with amazing stories and also allow you to sneak in some learning this summer. 

5) Try an Exhilarating River Activity Like Whitewater Rafting

The exact opposite of a peaceful activity like fly fishing, whitewater rafting is the perfect way to beat the heat for the thrill-seeking family. We have every level of difficulty and exhilaration within just a short drive of Waynesville, but you will probably need to book your excursion in advance. 

Also, don’t forget to ask about safety measures and minimum ages before you sign up. 

6) Side Down a Waterfall

A middle ground between fly fishing and whitewater rafting might just be a day spent at Sliding Rock. Sliding Rock is a waterfall that doubles as a natural water slide. It costs $4 to enter the recreation area, but there is a lifeguard on duty, changing rooms, and restrooms. 

When you get to the top, you’ll slide down 50 feet into water cold, 50-60 degree water. 

7) Visit the Biltmore

If you want to beat the heat indoors while helping your children learn history, you can use the summer months to take a trip to Biltmore Estate. There are a number of outdoor elements, including farm animals, a playground, horseback riding, mountain biking, walking, and cycling trails, and more. However, from the house to the village, there are plenty of air-conditioned indoor sights to see as well. 

8) Go to the Movies

Asheville parents want to make sure they are getting their children outside to explore the area’s incredible natural beauty, but sometimes, you want to get out of the house without leaving air conditioning. We have several great movie theaters. Don’t be afraid to use them some this summer. 

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