Emmanuel includes the Arts as part of students' STEAM education

Emmanuel includes the Arts as part of students' STEAM education

November 14, 2019

The strings elective course being offered to all students in middle school grades at Emmanuel provides the tools a student needs to gain basic proficiency at playing a bowed stringed instrument (violin, viola, or cello), reading musical notation on a basic level, and interacting musically in a musical ensemble.


Each strings student meets with the music teacher, Dr. Kevin Lorenz, in a small group of six students for one 45-minute period per week during the school day. All instruments and music are supplied free of charge to the students. Students will play as part of a school chapel service when they are ready to perform.

2019 Fall Class members: Sam Calloway (Cello), Ross Franklin (Violin), Bryce Gleason (Viola), Naomi Hines (Cello), Siena Stombagh (Violin), and Ellison Willis (Viola)

According to educational researchers, these are just some of the many ways that music helps to aid the learning process:

  • Establish a positive learning state
  • Focus concentration
  • Increase attention
  • Improve memory
  • Facilitate a multi-sensory learning experience
  • Release tension
  • Enhance imagination

In addition, the Bible has many scripture verses that point to using music as a way to give glory to God! Emmanuel Lutheran School offers a STEAM education for students in the Asheville area from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Contact us today for a tour and see what makes Emmanuel special.