Elementary School STEAM activities

Elementary School STEAM activities

November 29, 2019

Kindergarten has been busy using STEAM in everyday teaching.

In October the students read "Walter's Wonderful Web" and discussed how spiders build their webs strong by spinning and weaving a basket, criss-crossing shapes together to hold their prey. Students practiced engineering skills by using pipe cleaners, tape, and cups to build their own spider web.


Engineering terms like balance, weave, support, and tension were important in learning how to create a tighter web between the cups that would hold the most spiders.

In November, kindergarten students measured a bat's wingspan using standard and non-standard units of measurement. They discovered that a bat is 16 inches across, but also used paper clips, cubes, links, and pennies to measure.

At Thanksgiving, the class read the book "How to Catch a Turkey" by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkhart. They built their own mazes to help their turkeys escape. All mazes had to have an entrance, an exit, and one dead end. Children enjoyed helping their turkey get to the stage and experimented with different techniques. All the while, they learned about force, a push or pull, and how an object must have a force to set it into motion.