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9 Key Questions to Ask When Choosing an Elementary School, Part 2

9 Key Questions to Ask When Choosing an Elementary School, Part 2

February 22, 2019

Choosing an elementary school is one of the most important decisions you make for your child.

Every facility will present its environment and qualities in a positive light. This means you need to ask some questions and do some digging. These are key questions that will bring light to important elements of what a school can provide.

These are the the final four of nine key questions to ask when looking for an elementary school.

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6. What's the learning environment like?

Students need room to run during P.E. classes. Do they have enough? How are classrooms organized? If they break down from a full class to small groups within the class, is there a natural way to do this? Classroom layout can contribute to how students learn much more than you'd think.

A component of this is physical safety as well. Look to see how entrances and exits are monitored, and ask to see the emergency drills for the school.

7. How much homework will there be?

You may have a preference as to the amount of homework given out, but this question is more about consistency. Does the amount quoted vary from teacher to teacher, or is it consistent? Every teacher will have a slightly different teaching style, but two teachers in the same grade should be giving out a similar amount of homework. This speaks to consistent academic guidance for students.

8. What are the after-school activities?

After-school activities are a wonderful opportunity for children and parents alike. Children can explore their creative side through art and theatre programs, get involved in science and reading programs, or play sports. All of these activities encourage curiosity and teamwork.

For parents, after-school programs are productive for their children and allow extra time if you're working late or need that afternoon hour for errands.

9. What's one thing about the school that you'd like to improve?

This is a question to ask the principal or school administrator. Every school should have a target or goal, something that it wants to excel at or improve upon. Perhaps it's a program the administrator would like to start, extra support they want to provide, or additional community they'd like to build.

A school administrator shouldn't simply say that everything's perfect. They should be involved and engaged to the point where they always want to be improving. A great school is one that constantly identifies ways to be even better.


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