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5 Questions with an Emmanuel Parent

5 Questions with an Emmanuel Parent

January 01, 2022

An Emmanuel Parent answered some of our questions...

1. Why did you choose Emmanuel?

“We have four kids all together, and 3 years ago we were looking for a school where our three elementary aged kids could attend all together. We also wanted a loving, Christian environment and teachers who could both challenge and work with our kids in the areas they needed it most. We were looking for a place where they could broaden themselves as people, experience sports, the arts and service. I’m happy to say, we have found all of that at Emmanuel!”


2. Our family is not Lutheran. Is that okay?

“Yes, of course! And neither is ours. We have found it to be so good for our kids to get a broader perspective on the world-wide Church by observing and taking part in some of the practices of the Lutheran Church. They are learning to respect how other families worship and honor God. They receive a rich education on the history of the reformation and how that has profoundly influenced most churches today. I’ve been impressed with how welcoming the church is to families at the school. We are well informed about the opportunities they offer for us and our children.

We highly value that our children are embraced with the love of God at their school. They are in an environment that nurtures belief in God and mobilizes them to live for God and serve others. That may sound simple, but in our opinion it is the foundation for success and longevity.”

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3. Trusting a school to keep my children safe is a top priority. How can I be assured that Emmanuel can provide a secure campus?

“I have always been impressed with our schools safety standards. We have security monitors in our entryways where hallways and common areas are viewed throughout the day. No one enters our buildings without validation. Students are prepared for fast action in the event of an unfriendly incident or emergency.”

4. I go through seasons of life when I have more or less time to give. What should I expect parent involvement to look like at Emmanuel?

“Me too! Sometimes it’s my husband who is more present, and other times it’s me, and when we are really doing well, you will see us both. With four children who have varying interests, you can be sure we lead a full life, and I expect you do, too! Parents, grandparents and older siblings play an important role at our school.

We can’t be successful without them (you). Many give time sharing special talents as they volunteer. Chaperoning/driving for field trips, planning classroom parties, giving extra help to teachers in the classroom just to name a few. You will always be invited to support Ram Athletics where volunteers man the ticket table, concessions, and score board.

Getting involved is where the beauty of community begins. I always feel the most connected when we are giving back as a family, making it easier for the school to thrive as a whole. I think you will enjoy that as well!”

5. What else is different about private school?

“In a private school, we are not encumbered by the restrictions of a public school. There is no need to teach to a state written test. Our teachers guide young people in how to think, not what to think. Small classes mean more time to devote to each child. If our child struggles in an area, they are far less likely to slip through the cracks. Identifying problems earlier means less time spent struggling.

Emmanuel Lutheran School serves families of Western North Carolina with infant care through eighth grade. Contact us today for more information or to setup a tour of the school.


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