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Advantages of STEAM EducationWestern North Carolina was once known primarily for tourism and recreation, but Asheville has developed into a diverse economic region. From large corporations to small niche companies, Buncombe County has welcomed hundreds of new businesses in the past few decades. We have seen tens of thousands of families relocate to our area for a variety of reasons, none the least of which is the variety of jobs and potential of careers for their children.


Whether you have recently moved to Asheville or have been here for years, you may be searching for alternatives to traditional public education for your school-aged children. However, there is a myth that Christian private schools do not focus on robust curriculums for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. At Emmanuel Lutheran School, we provide STEAM-based education in a Christ-centered environment. Here are some key advantages to STEAM.

Advantages to STEAM Education in Asheville, NC

STEAM is an educational movement that combines science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics to foster critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration by applying all the disciplines together. STEAM education starts in Kindergarten and each year will build upon the previous years’ STEAM projects. Students will be able to see and come up with a process as they work together as teams to problem solve. This produces excitement in subjects that previously may have seemed boring. There are many reasons to choose a school with a STEAM-based curriculum:

  • STEAM emphasizes creative problem solving and collaborative learning.
  • STEAM often simulates the type of work environment in which your child may work when they are older.
  • STEAM reintroduces the arts and creativity to the STEM learning emphasis.
  • STEAM introduced children to robotics, drones, 3D imagining, and the kind of technology they will likely be using as adults.
  • STEAM is academically rigorous and helps students master some of the most important academic subjects.
  • STEAM empowers every student with the knowledge and experience they need in college and the workforce.
  • STEAM prepares Asheville area students for the type of careers that are becoming increasingly available in our region.

If you are ready for your children to engage in a STEAM-based education within a Christ-centered environment, Emmanuel Lutheran School is here to answer your questions. We are the only Christian parochial school in western North Carolina that offers STEAM. Contact us for more information about our Christian private school and the advantages of STEAM curriculum. We are here to answer your questions about our school, our curriculum, and the gospel.