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Visual Arts Program
Tammy Reilly, NBCT


Students in Kindergarten and First Grade receive Art Instruction forIMG 9286
one hour, one day each week. Students in Second Grade through
Eighth Grade receive Art Instruction for forty-five minutes, two days
per week. The following standards are organized within the seven
elements of Art: Line, Shape, Value, Form, Space, Texture and Color.

Students will~
*Create art and reflect upon what they have made using the language
of visual arts to communicate effectively.
*Apply creative and critical thinking skills to artistic expression.
*Create art using a variety of tools, media, and processes safely and
*Discover the significance and value of art in their lives.

These objectives will be implemented using grade level
language/vocabulary and age appropriate expectations.

The materials and inspiration for a project may be the same but
results are unique when students are allowed to use their creativity.
The goal is to build confidence in students’ creative ability.