Today we went to the Roanoke Island Aquarium, then on to the Roanoke Island Festival Park, then to the Wright Brothers Memorial and on to Jockey's Ridge Sand Dune!

Roanoake Island Aquarium:aquarium 




















Roanoake Island Festival Park: 









Roanoke Island Festival Park:  The festival park was about the most fun part of my day.  When we got there we all had lunch, then we watched a presentation called “two paths”.  After that we had a scavenger hunt and went to see what life was like back in the 1500’s.  We got to see a replica of the Queen Elizabeth II and learned all about the ship.  Then we went down a path to a settlement replica and learned all about some of the lifestyles and jobs.  It was a blast. 



































Wright Brothers Memorial:  We got there about Three O’clock.  While we were there, somebody got prickly pear cactuses in their feet.  We saw the memorial and we heard a presentation.  The presentation was the best one I ever heard.  The hill climb to the memorial was two miles long.  We stopped to help the person who got prickly pear cactuses in his feet.  When I finally got up there to the memorial, I could see about three miles of land.  We also heard a presentation about the Wright Glider.  They said that they would never quit when they were just about to.   I had the best time ever.  My friends and I had a ball.   --  Bryan Carpenter 






Jockey’s Ridge:  We saw a snake at Jockey’s Ridge.  We ran down the sand and played in the sand and we watched the sun go down.  It was very sandy.  - Nicholas Black