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Academic Calendar?

July 4? ?Independence Day Program Closed

August 4?? Last? Day of Summer Rec/Child Care

August 7-11 All Programs Closed-Maintenance/Repair

August 14 ?Staff Returns

August 14-18? All Programs Closed-Staff Inservice/Preparations

August 18 Back to School Event, 5-7 p.m.

August 21 Back to School Event, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

August 22 First Day of School-All Programs

September 1? 1:00 p.m. Early Dismissal Grades 1-8

September 4 ?Labor Day-All Programs Closed

October 11-13 ?SED Teacher Conference/ TWD / K-8 and Preschool Closed/Early Childhood Open

October 27 End of First Marking Period

November 3 ?Parent Teacher Conferences K-8

November 10 ?1:00p.m. Early Dismissal Grades 1-8

November 22-24 Thanksgiving Break- All Programs Closed

December 22-29 Christmas Vacation-All Programs Closed

January 2? TWD/K8 and Preschool Closed /Early Childhood Open

January 3 ?Classes Resume

January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day-All Programs Closed

January 17 End of Second Marking Period(45 days)

January 26? Parent Teacher Conferences for Preschool/Early Childhood Closed/K-8 Open

February 9 1:00p.m. Early Dismissal Grades 1-8

February 19 SNOW MAKEUP DAY - All programs Open (used to be TWD for K-8 and Preschool)

March 5-9 National Lutheran Schools Week

March 9? ?1:00 p.m.? Early Dismissal Grades 1-8

March 16 TWD / K-8 Preschool Closed / Early Childhood Open

March 23 End of Third Marking Period (45 days)

April 6 Good Friday-All Programs Closed

April 9 ?Easter Monday-All Programs Closed

April 10-13 ?Easter Vacation-All Programs Closed

May 18 Western Regional Conference, Early Childhood Closed / K-8 Open

March 25 Parent Teacher Conferences K-8

May 28 ?Memorial Day-All Programs Closed

June? 5 Graduation

June 6 Last day of? School / K-8 closed at noon / Early Childhood? and? Aftercare closed at 5:30 (44 days)

June 7 ?Snow Make-Up Day / End of Year Conferences for Early Childhood


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