Asheville iPad

Taking care of your battery

Having an electronic device with a crummy battery is, well, a huge drag. There are a few simple things you can do to keep your new iPad battery in tip-top condition:
  • • The first time (or second or third, if you’ve been using your iPad and haven’t done this) you use your iPad, plug it in and charge the battery to 100 percent. Then run the battery all the way down until it shuts down and THEN recharge it to 100 percent. (Don’t unplug it before it gets to 100!)
  • • Doing this about once a month helps your iPad battery to remember how big it is (about 10 hours of use!)
  • • Try not to plug in your charger frequently — especially if your battery is more that 50 percent full. (Remember, that is still six hours of working time.) The more you charge it, the less likely it is to remember that it has almost 12 hours of working time.
Of course, there will be emergencies when you will want to top-off your battery, say for a flight to Europe. The occasional mini-charge is okay — just don’t make a habit of it!

Where do I update my iPad?

Periodically through each month, updates are automatically pushed to each device while on campus. This happens usually without the students knowledge.

Applications are added and updated automatically over the air.

Documents are synced via the cloud automatically while connected to the Internet.

OS updates are performed each summer.

Can I sync my iPad with my home computer for music and videos?

Please DO NOT sync your iPad with any computer.

If you sync your iPad with your home computer it will likely delete everything (apps, documents, books and other files) and try to replace it with items on your computer. If this happens, you will no longer have access to the school resources or the ability for the school to automatically update your devices.

I might have damaged my iPad for iPod Touch. Where do I go for help?

If you have accidentally damaged your iPad, please report the damage to your teacher.DO NOT take your iPad to the Apple Store.  Remember the iPad is school equipment you are not permitted to authorize work on the device without the school’s consent.

Any damage that has occurred to the iPad is covered under our repair fee of $150, which may be charged to the parents of the student depending on cause and up to the discretion of the school. Lost iPads or iPods will incur the full price of the device.

Do I need wireless access at home?

Wireless at home is recommended but not required. The iPad is an Internet connected device and as such many of its most powerful features require Internet access. The iPad  does not have an Ethernet (RJ45 jack), its only means of connecting is through wireless. Wireless routers have become increasingly easy to install and have dropped dramatically in price. ELS recommends either Netgear or Linksys by Cisco routers for their reliability and compatibility with iPads. If you do not have wireless Internet access here are some options:
  1. All public libraries have FREE wireless access.
  2. Most coffee/chain restaurants have wireless access.
  3. Many things can be preloaded on the iPad and then accessed without wireless at a later date. Preloading can be just visiting a webpage (like this one) or my taking a screenshot of the iPad (by pressing the home button and the lock button at the same time) and then viewing the saved image in the Photos App.

How can I filter our home Internet?

On your student iPads (on campus or off), the school filters the internet to keep students safe and focused. At home on your private computers and devices, the school cannot control what the students are seeing. If you are concerned about internet access there are services that can be setup to control website access throughout your home, including the iPad. The school recommends using, a free service. OpenDNS is a service that routes all internet traffic through an alternate Domain Name Service (DNS). DNS is what translates all internet URLs (i.e. to an Internet Protocol (IP) address of a server (i.e By rerouting through OpenDNS servers you can control exactly what is blocked by specific addresses or by category (i.e. pornography, weapons, academic fraud, alcohol and gambling). Once you setup an OpenDNS account, they will walk you through configuring your home router so that every machine in your home will be protected.

Where can I get wireless Internet on campus?

The ELS campus is completely wireless. You can access the network from inside any building, in the courtyard, and playground.

What is the Cloud?

Definition of the “cloud:” internet storage! This means that items in programs like Dropbox and email can be accessed from any device with internet access. If students are having wi-fi issues or need to print something, they should use their home computer.

Keynote Presentations

For information about Keynote for iOS please visit the following link to Apple’s Support Site: Keynote for iOS When you create a Keynote presentation on a Mac that you intend to share to an iPad, your presentations will look their best if you follow the recommendations in the following link: Apple Support Knowledge Base Article HT4144


For information about Pages for iOS please visit the following link to Apple’s Support Site: Pages for iOS

What are the suggestions for protective covers?

Each student is required to have a heavy-duty case for an iPad2, as well as a protective sheet for the screen. If you don't already have these items, they can be purchased at Best Buy, Walmart, or Target. These items will remain the personal property of the students, and as such, may be customized.  At such time as the iPad is returned to the school, the protective case and sheet will be returned to the student.  Remember, the best insurance for accidental damage is a heavy-duty case.  If you have any questions about what is needed, please ask your child's teacher or the Technology Director (Mrs. Schmitz).

How do I clean the iPad?

A. Your iPad should always be used inside a case and have a screen protector, to guard from scratches and dents. To clean your iPad screen, never use any type of cleaning solvent such as Windex or similar chemical products. Use only a small amount of water. Ideally, use water with a lint free scratch resistant cloth (microfiber is best) to clean your iPad screen by dampening the cloth slightly. Then clean the screen using soft, even strokes.

What happens if it won’t turn on?

Insert the charger and plug it into an outlet. It may just need to be charged. If you still encounter a black screen,  try holding the home and sleep buttons together to restart/reboot your iPad. Be sure to hold the two for at least 10 seconds, perhaps longer. If you still are having a problem, see Mrs. Schmitz the next day at school.

Who do I contact after hours for help with the iPad?

You can contact Mrs. Schmitz (255-7861) before 9:00 pm. Otherwise, you can talk to her in the morning at school.

May I add other applications without the school’s permission?

Only school-approved applications may be installed. The App Store is enabled, however purchases have been disabled, even for free apps. The iPads are all configured with the school’s volume Apple ID account, to which students do not have a password. Students may not create their own Apple IDs or add any applications to the school iPads. All devices are updated automatically when on campus with new apps as they are available. The school owns a license to all applications on the iPad. Please contact your teacher for review of an application to add to your iPad. We certainly welcome suggestions for beneficial education apps that can benefit all students.

If I own an iPad, can my child use it at school?

No. There is a lot of liability that our school assumes with the use of this technology. The camera feature alone opens up a myriad of issues and avenues for trouble and abuse. The only way the school can truly control the content, maintain consistency in all settings, applications, and maintenance is by owning and controlling the units. ELS iPads have cameras and application purchasing disabled. Only applications approved by the school will be added to devices.

Is my child’s iPad location tracking turned on?

In case your student's iPad is lost, we have activated the tracking feature and will only check for the location in an iPad goes missing. Only school administration has access to this information.