Here at Emmanuel Lutheran School, we offer a highly qualified staff that truely cares for our students. This is exemplifid in the everyday care of your children and the servant-leadership posture of all Emmanuel Lutheran School employees. 


Ms. Elizabeth Meschke, Principal 
Mrs. Caroline Marino, Early Childhood Director  
Mrs. Heather McCarthy, Office Assistant  
Mrs. Leigh Patton, Office Assistant
Mrs. Shari Reaves, Admissions/Marketing 
Ms. Gail Thomas, Business Administrator 

Departmental Staff

Dr. Kevin Lorenz, Music Education
Mr. Frank Parris, Physical Education Teacher/Athletic Director  
Mrs. Colleen Leyva, Art Teacher  
Ms. Emily Johnson, Technology  


Kindergarten: Mrs. Kim Noel, Teacher , Mrs. Deborah DeBerry, Assistant  
Grade One: Ms. Emily Johnson
Grade Two: Mrs. Denise Rethmeier 
Grade Three: Mrs. Barb Schmitz 
Grade Four: Ms. Chelsey Huey 
Grade Five: Dr. Mary Lynne Duet  
Grade Six / Seven: Mr. Jeff Wegner  
Grade Eight: Mrs. Robin Van Alystyne

Support Staff

Mrs. Elena Revis, School Cook
Mr. Jeff Wegner, Facility Manager

Church Staff

Rev. Michael McFarland, Senior Pastor
Ms. Debbie Cribb, Church Administrative Assistant


To contact a faculty or staff member, please call 828-281-8182.

As owners of Emmanuel Lutheran School, the congregation has established governance over the school in its consititution and bylaws.  As such, the School Ministry Team is charged with oversight of the policies and general welfare of the school, working closely with the administration and other leaders.  To this end, the Board of Directors of Emmanuel Lutheran Church annually appoints a chairperson to head the School Ministry Team.  Once appointed, the chair then selects and builds a team.  The chair seeks to establish a team that is diverse in its makeup, with highly qualified individuals with a heart for the ministry of the school.

To learn more about this process, contact the school principal or the chair of the School Ministry Team.

School Ministry Team - Board Members

Meet the current members of the team:

Rich Bair, Chairman
Carole Williams, BOD Liasion
Mrs. Caroline Marino (ECE Director)
Ms. Beth Mesche ( Principal)
Mrs. Jeanine Helms  (liasion to Parish Admin)

Ms. Leslie Blaylock
Mrs. Cyndi Slocumb
Mrs. Karin Gleason 
Mrs. Susan Roby
Mrs. Lisa Baldwin