Press Releases

WLOS - Tae Kwon Do Summer Camp

Did you see our Tae Kwon Do summer camp on WLOS? They showed Tammy Watford the moves they learned for self defense!

WLOS - On Broadway Summer Camp

Did you see our On Broadway summer camp on WLOS? Tammy Watford got to enjoy a performance of The Little Mermaid put on by our summer campers!


WLOS - Sandburg Goat Tour

Did you see our 1st Grade on WLOS? Tammy Watford was at the Carl Sandburg Home when our 1st graders went to visit the goats!

WLOS - History Fair




Did you see our school on WLOS? Tammy Watford was on campus to watch our children practice for their History Fair presentations!

Watch here

WLOS - Chocolate Factory

Did you see our First Graders on WLOS? Tammy Watford met them at French Broad Chocolate Factory to see them learn a yummy science lesson!!