Assignments for week of June 3-6

We have completed all assignments for the year.

Some noteworthy results from our MAP testing:

  • High Achievers - Jacob, Kathleen, Grant, Britni, Channing
  • High Growth (more than one year's worth) - Christina, Katie, Sarah, Channing, Kathleen, Grant



Having trouble? Try a mini-lesson online, produced by the textbook company that we use.  Go to and enter the webcode.  In the first box, enter the letters "ade" and in the second box enter four digits that correspond with the lesson.  For example Lesson 1-5 is "0105."  If you have trouble, the code is also listed in the textbook margin for each lesson.

For weather-related eDays, check HERE for special assignment.

you can reach me by email or phone: or 335-8208